Sunday, 30 August 2009

Handyman makes own caravan

The following article was spotted in the local free paper recently. Amazing what some people get up to in their spare time:

King of the road: A handyman who was made redundant three months ago has used his skills to build himself a caravan. Chris Hart, 52, decided to use his free time productively and made a one-man holiday home from an old trailer.

Mr Hart, of West Hallam, said he would now be able to treat himself to a cheap break. He said: " I taught myself what I needed as I went along."

The caravan is made from aluminium, polystyrene and plywood and features a bed, fully-plumbed sink and a flat-screen TV.

Mr Hart plans to use it to enjoy the summer on a trip down to Cornwall.

To see a picture of the 'van, click on the link below:


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happy Jake's - A campsite with a difference

When a campsite intriguingly called Happy Jake’s registered with we just HAD to find out exactly what was behind the unusual name.

A quick phone call to Mark Edwards revealed the story: Happy Jakes is a new Caravan Club Certificated Location which has just opened in Flemingston, in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. It is situated on a 10 acre smallholding currently to pasture with occasional sheep being grazed and a small number of free-range chickens. Run by Mark and Amanda for approximately 6 years the caravan site is situated in a secluded corner section next to their home, with a delightfully sunny south facing aspect.

In Amanda's own words "Happy Jake's was born through a desire to ensure the future of our young son, Jake. Being older parents, it is essential to us that we put in place an income stream for his future. This is especially important as Jake was born with Trisomy 21 which presents him with a greater challenge to meet and achieve learning goals. It is our hope that Jake will be able to take over the running of the site when he is older - that may be with assistance or independently but only time will tell!

So far, Jake, at the age of six, has developed what can only be called a wicked sense of humour and a level of determination that has to be wondered at. He never ceases to amaze us! He already assists with jobs on the site like helping Dad by opening and closing gates for mowing, weeding around the drive and hosing the driveway. He also collects the eggs and cleans the coops, and to say he does this with relish would be an understatement".

The campsite is situated in its own fenced off area and includes 5 electric hook-ups with timed light to assist for late arrivals and waste disposal point close by.   Mark and Amanda have recently installed hard standings, showers with disabled access, and toilets.

I'll leave the last word to Amanda: "Should you visit us, you will understand what we are saying and be welcomed with what can only be said is the ‘Happiest’ smile around for Jake is, as our name suggests, pretty much always ‘Happy Jake’."

Image above: Jake and the chickens - Happy Jake's  Campsite,
Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.
Copyright Amanda Loveday-Morris 2009

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